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Frozen Moments | Thoughtful Thursday

I know I have talked about this before, but it’s been on my mind a lot lately. What is it?

It is that of freezing little moments in time… those moments you will never get back once they have melted (pun intended ;)) Maybe it’s because I have a terrible short-term memory, or maybe it’s because I have always loved to “re-live” life through photos, but either way, I am a HUGE advocate of capturing life “now.” (If you don’t believe me, just check out my Facebook photo albums).

You think you’ll remember the fun you had on your summer family vacation in 2012, or that big, goofy toothless grin your youngest son gave you at age 6… but the reality is that life is lived and those memories are soon clouded over with new ones. Your only shot at remembering is by either writing it down, taking a picture of it, or both.

Thus enters the magic of the photo book. Places like Shutterfly, Blurb, and Snapfish are making a killing off of this concept. It’s the digital scrapbook of yesteryear… you know, the ones that your mom spent hours upon hours creating for you 30 years ago… those big, bulky books with carefully cut out pictures, neatly handwritten details and perfectly placed stickers carefully tucked away into sheet protectors and stuffed full of other tangible awards, certificates, theater playbills, sports tickets, etc. They are precious and indispensable, but there is a new way to tackle this idea that takes up a whole lot less room and is all stored on your computer.

So, MOMS WITH GROWING BABIES… listen up. I’m going to dedicate the next “Tips & Tricks Tuesdays” to teaching you the best way to do this, and really I’m just sharing the process I have found works best for me. I know so many moms who look at the past 2-3 years of digital pictures they have taken on their camera or smart phone, and they just want to run away and cry. There may be countless moments captured, but it’s a mess and the task of organizing it all and putting it into a form worthy of looking at in a photo book looks insurmountable. But trust me, you need to do it and IT WILL BE SO WORTH IT. Especially in 10 years, when your oldest is graduating from High School, or better yet… go off to college. Have something ready to hand them as you pack their bags and send them out into the real world. And if it doesn’t take up 5 boxes and weigh a total of 45 lbs, even better.

But today is a Thoughtful Thursday, so I am going to leave the pointers till Tuesday. Today gets to be more philosophical, so I’ll conclude with this…

For about the past decade, every Christmas I have given my mom a photo book of our family’s year in review. These books are SO fun to have around the house, and we look at them often. Pictured below are my nieces and I flipping through one of the books a couple years ago. They point and giggle at pictures of themselves from a few years back, and exclaim “Remember when we did this!” with big eyes and smiles.

mbday22PIN IT

Last weekend, I caught this picture of my 2 nieces and their cousin looking at a little photo book my mom created of the cupcake party they had together. They look at it constantly, and they LOVE it.

summer_16_295PIN ITsummer_16_296PIN IT

I have tried to brainstorm ways to offer this service to Moms… that is how important I think it is. But instead of charging you lots and lots of money to do something I am confident you can figure out on your own, I’m going to teach you how to build this into your parenting lifestyle, and just suggest you come to me for the updated professional photos of your children and families 😉 . You will still want those, too and there is a place for them. Even better when you end up with the digital negatives, and they can be placed at the very end of these yearly photo books to show the progress your family is making over time!

Enough from me… come back tomorrow for a Feature Friday, and then stay tuned next week to hear more about how to tackle this fun project on the upcoming Tuesdays!

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