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From Baby to 7-Year-Old | Thoughtful Thursday

On this day back in 2009, I said hello to my youngest niece on my side of the family… Sylvia Ann.

Let me preface this with saying that we are BABY CRAZY in our family. We will literally camp outside of the hospital doors till babies are born (or nursing staff yells at us to return to the waiting room– whichever comes first).

I remember getting the call late in the evening on July 27th to come into the hospital. I had been shopping at Target, so grabbed the obligatory Starbucks (it’s obligatory when you are anticipating a late night!) and headed to the hospital. I believe we all got there around 10pm. We read magazines, circled the hallway with my sister, Tasha, and even took little cat naps. We kept waiting and waiting… but little Sylvie wasn’t in any hurry to come out!

Around 3am, some of us went down to the cafeteria for a midnight snack (or an early breakfast– not sure which one it was at this point!) No one wanted to go home in case we missed the main event!

Morning came, but still no baby. We were coming up on lunch time when things started to progress a little better. By 2pm, we had a precious baby girl with dark brown eyes and dark brown hair. What a miracle from above!

I went back into the archives and pulled out some pictures I had taken of this journey, as well as some Mom & Me shots I took in my mom’s backyard when Sylvie was still a newborn.  What you won’t see in this blog post is the 7 years that happened between that overnight stay in the hospital and this very day, but let me tell you that it has been full of a sweet, spirited, and sassy girl that has brought joy to our lives in the Kaiser family AND to the Steffen family. She’s the baby of 4 other siblings… and still the youngest Kaiser granddaughter. What a blessing she is to all of us!


The Grandma and Aunts are waiting, waiting, waiting… 🙂

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A picture of the clock right when we all first arrived… This clock has many hours to tick away before we meet baby Sylvie!

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I have always loved this image of Daddy & Aunt Abby looking at Sylvia, fresh from Heaven…

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Mom & Sylvia

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A SMILE for Mom & Aunt T!

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Sylvie has always been a little model for the camera!

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Oh sweet baby kisses…

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Fast forward 7 years… same backyard, same little girl! Oh, how time flies. The years are precious. Savor them! Happy Birthday, Sylvia Ann… we love you!

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