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The Amundson Family | Feature Friday

Another beautiful Madison, WI family with another beautiful location! I’m serious, this place is pure gorgeousness in the summer. Not only is the weather usually about 20% less humid on most days, but there are trails EVERYWHERE with beautiful fields and wildflowers. I love it.

This family was so wonderful to photograph, too! Sierra was so excited for pictures and did not hesitate to give me big smiles any chance she could. She was also so sweet with her little brother, Sawyer. It’s so fun to see young siblings like this interact. I love capturing that dynamic! I also just love capturing the individual shots of the kids on their own… each has their own unique personality that just jumps right out in the pictures. I always think you can tell a child’s personality through a series of pictures… whether they are sweet with a little sass, or pure orneriness, or quiet and shy, or energetic and outgoing.

Enjoy this session of two sweet kids with their parents, and our lovely time enjoying nature!

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