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Zion | Feature Friday

Oh, sweet baby boys! The last little Springer baby I photographed was a girl, so it was fun to switch gears. I also love seeing how families unfold over time and the genders within the birth order. This darling little Zion will have two sisters close in age to look after him, as well as an older brother. I love it.

The kids in this family are always so loving and fun to be with, and are excited to stand by and watch me work. They remind me a little of my own nieces and nephews… wanting to be in on the action and becoming your friend the minute you walk in the door. It’s so precious.

Zion did such a great job. He was wide-eyed for the first part of our session, but finally went to sleep once we played him some soft music. That’s one of my favorite parts about these sessions. Although it may be time-consuming, that in-between portion where baby is awake and we’re trying to get them asleep and into that deep sleep state, and I just get to chat and catch up with their mom. There’s something so wonderful about those first few weeks after having a baby, and I just love talking to moms during this time!

Enough writing for now… enjoy this adorable family. We even snapped a few family shots outside in their beautiful backyard, and of course I had to sneak in a few more of the kids along the way 😉

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