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Tabby’s | Spotlight Saturday

It’s my very first Spotlight Saturday! I aim to have more of these in the feature, but for now…

Let’s focus on today’s feature!

This past summer, I was given the opportunity to capture some images for a company named Tabby’s. What’s is Tabby’s?

“Tabby’s offers HIV-affected women acceptance, dignity and hope by providing job training and employment in a safe, loving community that empowers them to choose a better path and provide for their children.

Tabby, short for Tabitha, was a woman who invested her life serving widows and those suffering around her. Following her example, women throughout India are encouraged, strengthened and empowered through their work with Tabby’s.

Due to social stigmas and misunderstanding of how HIV is transmitted, people in India with HIV are often rejected by their families and communities. This fear and rejection often leads to isolation, despair, and even thoughts of suicide.” (Quote is from the Tabby’s website. Find more information by visiting it here).

One of the jobs these women have is to create some beautifully crafted plush stuffed animals, zipper pouches, purses, scarves, and bow ties. I absolutely LOVE all of the beautifully colorful saris they use, and it makes each item so unique! Everything is well-made and a high quality product.

One of my friends who works closely with this company asked if I would be willing to photograph these products… and I said ABSOLUTELY YES! I love the cause, and I love the product!

You can check out the product (and purchase, if you would like!) at this link. All purchases help the women who work for Tabby’s continue to sustain their jobs– and continues to give them hope!

Also, you can view some of the images and product below (and another shout-out thank you to all of my willing models!)

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