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Knobloch Family | Feature Friday

This session! I seriously loved it. It was so perfect.

First of all, the people in it are great. Kelly is my cousin, and we grew up together. We always talked about what our families would end up being someday, and spent countless hours dreaming about it doing “creative stuff,” as we called it, for our outlet. Now, we are all grown up and living out the reality!

It is so special to see how God has blessed her with Daniel in her life and 3 beautiful children. Rosamund is full of spunk and spirit and always greets me with a “Hi TARYN!!” as she runs up to me and gives me a big hug. Elowen is silly and ornery and is often called “Ellie Lou,” which is ironic since back in our dreaming days, Kelly talked about having a daughter named Ellie. And Barrett is just precious. He has Precious Moments eyes, big smiles always, and is a charmer!

I think we had one of the last sunny Sundays in Fall for this photo shoot. We used Daniel’s mom’s land and lake area, which was beautiful and special for their family, because it has already been a place of so many memories and will hold so many more in the future. And at the very end, we let the kids “fish” for some shots… I love these candid moments we caught!

Enjoy these images and let the bright smiles and sweet moments warm you on this chilly winter day!

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