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Sauder Family | Feature Friday

Now that we are through the end-of-year rush, I’m back to only posting Feature Fridays on Fridays 🙂

So this means we get to dream about when the days were much warmer and sunnier. Actually, this was one of our last warm-enough-to-be-outside-and-enjoy-it Fall days last November. This session was in Madison. I love it that these guys live so close to us, and that we had some familiar faces to welcome us as a new married couple when I moved here last January!

Anyway, they have the cutest, most active-and-full-of-personality (wow, I’m loving these-strung-together-sentences-with-dashes today!) little guy named Harry. He is welcoming in another baby sibling this February!

We enjoyed using the huge and amazing expanse of Epic to play around for this shoot. I could seriously photograph there every time I do a photo shoot and come out with totally different pictures each time. It’s full of so much character!


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