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Harry & Lyla | Feature Thursday

I am catching up! This is actually a session I did last month 🙂 This precious baby girl was born to some friends of ours here in Madison, WI that live just 5 minutes away from us! It is so nice to have them so close.

First of all, their little boy– Harry– is just too much. He has the cutest personality, and was just so precious with his little sister. Maybe one of the best behaved little 2-year-olds I’ve dealt with in one of these sessions. And Lyla is just adorable! She was a natural and cooperated well– which quite honestly, I was so thankful for– since I shot this session during the throes of my first trimester nausea! Ha!! But seeing this sweet newborn face was a good reminder of the miraculous end product I’ll get to enjoy after the hard work of growing a baby for 9 months 🙂

Thanks to this sweet family for letting me capture you and your little ones… and to Tina, their mom, for sympathizing with me during my first pregnancy! She has been an invaluable go-to for me and a great support!!

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