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Indoor Blooms | Tips & Tricks Tuesday

I am a sucker for flowers… in all forms. Whether they are “in real life” and in bloom outside, woven into a pretty print, as a piece of decor, or in the headband of a baby girl… I love it all. I get my affinity for them from my mom, as she got hers from her mom.

In the summer time, I like to enjoy their happiness inside our home. I always plant an array of them outside, as well, and it’s so fun to go out and clip some fresh flowers to put into a vase on my kitchen table. We also have a gulley that runs behind our house with an explosion of wildflowers that bloom about this time every year in July. It makes me so happy! I often steal a few blooms from that and mix them in with the blooms of my backyard.

Do you like flowers, too– but are you at a loss as to how to incorporate them into your house? Maybe you don’t have a backyard of fresh flowers waiting to be cut… or the time to devote to doing that. And that’s OK! There are various ways to enjoy the art of flowers indoors!

A couple ways I have found to display them and in locations that work well are as follows…

Live Plants / Blooms By a Window

This is my kitchen windowsill, and it’s an area that gets lots of morning/daytime sunshine and light. It’s easy and fun to display a few low-maintenance flowers or plants in a window– especially one you “see” a lot. First, it’s pretty 🙂 And second, hopefully it’s a reminder to keep them nice and watered! This is an especially great location, because all I have to do is transfer them to the sink right below this window to get it done.


From L to R….

  1. Potted African Violet (these will re-bloom– this is on it’s second round!)
  2. A tiny cute little pink flower that was given to me for Easter in the purple chick that is STILL alive!!
  3. A little bird with a bit of water and a cut bloom
  4. A purple succulent that is fake (but they look so real!)
  5. A decorative fairy
  6. A potted flower I picked up at Hy-Vee. Yes, the grocery store. The florist told me it was low-maintenance and would bloom forever, so I chose something with fun color.

The recipe is simple: Just mix & match different potted plants / flowers with some other decor and voila… you have a pretty window sill that feels “alive!”

Kitchen Table Center Piece

I found this white carrier piece at a market and snatched it up. At the time, I had no idea what I was going to use it for, but I eventually opted for this…



Filling it with birds and flowers. Birds are also a favorite in my house 🙂 All of the flowers / plants you see here are fake, and were found at Home Goods and World Market. They have tons of treasures to be found if you don’t have a Green Thumb, but still want that “living” look.

The little yellow birdie in the back was found at a clothing store, and the one in the front was Hobby Lobby. You don’t have to go far to find some pretty birds!

Floral Print

Another way I like to enjoy flowers is through print. When we were re-doing our living room, I instantly fell in love with the print on our new chair. It was colorful and “floral” without being too bright and loud… I love the airy and hand-drawn look of the print.


Floral print can be brought out in pillows, throws, curtains, wallpaper… it combines well with other solids, textures, or even contrasting prints.

Art on the Wall & on the Coffee Table


First, this canvas combines both of my favorites– flowers AND birds! 🙂 Pier 1 is a great place to look for some fun canvases, and is where I purchased this one.

Second– the potted orchid on the side table. I have bought (and killed) many live orchids. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the real ones because there are so many colors and sizes and blooms. But sadly, they don’t last forever (unless you are my mother, who can keep them for years and watch them bloom over and over again!)

But if you’re like me and have no patience, then purchasing a high-quality “fake” orchid might be your best bet. From afar, they look perfectly real, and still give you that happy orchid feeling when you see it 🙂

Front Door 

The front door is likely the first thing someone will see when they visit you… the first impression. I always like to have a seasonal wreath hanging up. Some of my favorite places to find them are Home Goods, Hobby Lobby (they also have great supplies for DIY wreaths for the ambitious), World Market, and Pier 1. Switching them up seasonally keeps your door looking fresh and keeps you from getting bored with its appearance!


I recently added this little table piece beneath the mirror in our front entryway. I love how the green plants make it feel fresh and alive (they are both fake!)

A big thanks to my Mom, who helped me put together a lot of the arrangements in these pictures when we recently did a living room remodel on the main floor.

We love living in our summer-y feeling home with the mixture of alive and not-so-real plants and flowers. I’ll be back in 9 months when baby boy learns how to crawl, and tell you how all of these pieces of decor are “faring” by then… but for now, enjoying this un-child-proofed space while we can! And hopefully some of you Moms out there can use some tips & tricks from today to bring “floral” into your home.

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