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Bedtime Prayers | Thoughtful Thursday

I remember having a bedtime routine as a little girl. All of my memories include being “tucked in” by my Dad. After my bath, he would comb my hair neatly and then we’d kneel down by my bed and say a prayer. I would recite…

“Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray the Lord my soul to keep

If I should die before I wake

I pray the Lord my soul to take…”

In hindsight, it’s bit of a frightening prayer for a young child to be praying. I was a bit of a worrisome little girl, and I can remember asking him about this prayer once. I asked if it was common for kids my age to die in their sleep. 😳 My Dad said no, it’s not common. His logical, black & white response was that it was possible, but not probable. This put my young mind at ease, but I was a very curious child and I’m sure I asked him a minimum of 1,000 pressing questions every night. I’m surprised he didn’t eventually put a limit on me!

After prayers, he would “tuck me in” by pulling the blankets up and around me and then lean down and give me a kiss good-night.

This routine was a staple in my childhood, and one I remember distinctly. ❤️ In the years that followed, it became a routine of mine to say bedtime prayers, and it all began with my Dad setting this example for me. My prayers eventually moved on from the recitations of a 5-year-old to more endearing, heartfelt requests, and I can even remember laying in bed at night and praying for each person in my family by name… and not just in my immediate family. Everyone I could think of… grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, children of cousins.

As I look forward to our son coming into this world, my husband and I pray daily for his little heart and future salvation which we hope He finds in the Lord. And I can’t help but look back for a moment and be so thankful the legacy that was given to each of us through our parents, and to them through their parents.

I can’t wait to establish a “bedtime routine” with prayers and teach our little one how to talk to God– to hear his heart and watch him grow in the love of the One who created him.

My Dad’s Mom (my Grandma) gave me this framed print as a gift when I was little, and I remember it hanging in my room. While this isn’t the exact prayer I prayed every night, I recollect seeing it often and I love her signature at the bottom… “To Taryn – From Grandma K.” My Grandma K passed away 3 years ago on June 30th, but I have had years of memories with this special lady.


This prayer now hangs in baby boy’s nursery… and it’s so special that my Grandma K’s great-grandson gets to grow up with this prayer in his memory.

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