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Together | Moments Monday

Why is this picture of my family playing water volleyball a Moments Monday?


A couple weekends ago, my family took a little trip up to WI Dells. It may be one of the last years where “everyone” is able to come… believe it or not, from here on out, there is a grandchild graduating from High School almost every single year! That means we can look forward to college-bound kids, summer jobs, and the never-ending schedule of sports and activities that seem to make it impossible to all have the same weekend free.

But this year, we made it work and everyone was together for at least one whole day in the Dells! Pretty impressive for 12 (going on 13 😉 ) grandkids and 10 adults.

At the very end of our time together, all of the adult guys and most of the grandkids scored some time at one of the open volleyball nets for a few games. It was so fun to watch, and they had a blast. (My pregnant self was glad for an excuse to sit out and take pictures).

These types of moments are so fleeting. Like I said, next year at this time, so much will have changed. One kid will be graduating high school. A couple others may be tied up with summer jobs or at a basketball camp. One of the adults might have to stay home and work. My hands will be full with a 10-month-old boy.

I look at this picture and see so much love and fun– and also blessing and health. Having 22 people together in the same place, at the same time, most of us in pretty good health and feeling well… that’s really amazing. And sometimes, I think we let these moments pass us by without a pause for gratitude. Which is why I SO love these pictures captured in time… they always give you a second chance to look back, remember, and be thankful. <3

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