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The New!

Hi there!

If you are here, then you may notice a few things have changed… but a few things have stayed the same, too. Here’s the scoop:

What’s Changed

  • I am a married woman! As of 1/9/16 (aka my husband’s birthday, also!!) I tied the knot. It was truly a magical day full of big snow flakes and wonderful people.
  • I moved! I now live in the Madison, Wisconsin area. (Go ahead– call me a cheese head. My husband has already converted me to the Green Bay Packers).
  • This website & blog has a new look. It is now all combined into one, which will make it a convenient one-stop shop!
  • T Photography’s branding has changed and my specialty is now more focused on children & families.


What Hasn’t Changed

  • I am still photographing! Now in TWO locations! I cover where I came from– the Central IL area– as well as my new stomping grounds– the Madison, WI area.
  • My Art Menu and mini series have stayed the same for this year (2016), so feel free to inquire to see it or ask questions!
  • My session locale offerings– I still live by and love the on-location option AND the in-home option. In both cases– I come to you! (My small studio in Morton is no longer available, but there is a well-lit home in the area that can be used if your house does not get good natural lighting).
  • I still continue to love capturing moments of any kind– whether it’s every new delicious dish or dessert I try, my very own family events, or YOUR beautiful baby or family during a photo shoot!

If you would like to continue to follow T Photography, this is where you should come! I’ll keep all the latest pictures, news, and blog posts coming here. I’m also still available on social media (click the Facebook and Instagram <<NEW! links to follow).

I am so excited to continue my journey in photography, and see what God has in store for the people I will meet and the places I will go.

I’m going to end this post with a special image from 1/9/16 (thanks to Meredith Washburn Photo), but don’t worry– I will be back soon!

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