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Otto at 3 & 4 Months! | Feature Friday

Being a photographer of littles and then becoming a Mom-togropher is very interesting. It’s different than I expected.

I was sure I’d have my professional DSLR attached to my hand, capturing every moment in picture-perfect clarity. I thought I would do 5-6 different newborn sessions within his first week of life. I thought I’d already have 2 computer hard drives full of images. I thought I’d take millions of pictures each month to document his growth. I thought a lot of things.

And to some extent, I have done a few of these things, but not to the caliber I thought I would. As it turns out, I’m very much just an “average Mom” when it comes to the documenting thing. If anything, it’s my iPhone camera that I use the most (they’ve really improved the quality of these cameras and honestly, the quality is totally sufficient for most purposes, especially online sharing and even photo book making!) I think any Mom’s photo library is full of pictures and videos of their child, and the same is true of mine. But I’m not the paparazzi-crazy person I thought I’d maybe be.

For instance, I remember getting 2 weeks into Otto’s life and tearfully thinking, “How have I not done a proper ‘newborn session’ for him?”

I tell my clients that it’s important to get their babies’ newborn pictures done within the first week of life because they change so much. Yet I struggled to even think about this let alone execute it with my own son. This is why I am SO thankful I had already lined up a newborn photographer to capture Otto. Mostly, I did it so that we’d have some nice shots of Ryan and I with Otto. But in the end, the pictures they captured of “just Otto” at just 12 days old became invaluable to me.

To be honest, it took me 3-4 weeks to even feel like myself again after giving birth. For the first couple weeks, I was extremely weak. I could hardly go up the stairs without becoming tired. I felt dizzy and exhausted all the time, so the thought of putting together a cute newborn shoot with all the props and wraps and blankets and climbing up and down on a stool to get the right angle just seemed overwhelming to me. So I ended up taking a few newborn photos more out of guilt than out of interest.

With that said, I’ve since recovered from those early days of being exhausted and haggard, and I’m once again enjoying my ability to “experience life by capturing it,” especially when it comes to Otto and all of his firsts.

I have tried to get a few good pictures of Otto each month as a “X Month Picture,” as well as a shot of him on a special heart blanket that tells how many months old he is. I love documenting his growth in this way.

While I would normally give my clients a gallery full of 30-50 images of their child, I have found that I only take and edit a few pictures for Otto. This has somewhat surprised me, but today I realized that with other Moms, I like to give them options. I can look at another baby’s expressions and think they’re all adorable, but am always unsure which one their parents will love most. With my own baby, I already know which faces I see all day, everyday and which ones to edit. So I can cull and edit more proficiently. It’s really interesting to see how different my process is with my own baby versus those of others!

So with that huge preamble, here is my growing baby boy. I’m going to start with a few comparison pictures (1 week, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, and 4 months old!!! See how he grows! He starts littler than the heart and takes up the whole thing by 4 months!) I’ll include his stats just for fun.

Then, I’ll label his 3 month and 4 month pictures respectively. Enjoy!

1 Week Old – September 28, 2017 – 8# 3 oz. and 21″ long


1 Month Old – October 21, 2017 – Stats Unknown


2 Months Old – November 21, 2017 – 12# 5.5 oz. (74th percentile) and 24″ long (93rd percentile!)


3 Months Old – December 21, 2017 – Stats Unknown


4 Months Old – January 21, 2018 – 17# 1.5 oz. (79th percentile) and 26″ long (81st percentile)


3 Month Pictures taken in December 2017


4 Month Pictures taken in January 2018



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