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Return Ticket | Moments Monday

I just saw a quote today that I loved…






Such truth! For me, photos capture some of my FAVORITE moments and looking at a picture is a way for me to return to the essence of that moment.

While I love (love love) catching moments like these throughout my days of others, (especially my child, who is changing at the rate of a speeding train), it’s always such a sweet surprise when others happen to catch moments like these with me in the frame. I find myself on the other side of the lens 98% of the time, but twice this past weekend, I received a text message with a picture that someone in my family caught of me while unaware. In both cases, I was holding my baby (sob).

THAT is a moment I never want to forget. Otto’s chubby arms and legs, the way he holds onto my finger or grabs my face, his dark wispy hair falling into his eyes and the smile that lights up his face in all orneriness when he locks eyes with me. All of these sights and sensations locked into one moment… and while they cannot be replicated in entirety 15 years from now, I can still look back on an image and remember.

So here is to remembering, because all too soon, my 6 month old boy will be a 6 year old, and all I will have left to remember are the pictures.



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