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I am Taryn.

As a little girl, I could be found writing and illustrating stories or making up imaginary worlds with my friends. I have always loved to create. I discovered the camera in early college and haven’t put it down since. Capturing life is how I experience it.

My inspiration is My Creator God, and I have been following Him since age 13. I also ran a portrait studio in Central IL with my friend for several years in my early 20s, where I learned a lot of the techniques I use today. In 2013, I started my own photography business, where I discovered my true passion– children & families!

I have been blessed with a super close family, and have always loved to capture our family events. I also have 16 nieces and nephews, so I have been capturing the silly faces and precious moments of littles for years now.

In 2015, I was set up with a cute, endearing guy named Ryan. We fell in love and were married on 1/9/16. He brings a smile to my heart and face every single day, and he has readily embraced all my quirks, including but not limited to my colorful, eccentric style, mild addiction to coffee, and lover of my 2 spirited kitties. In January 2017, we found out were were pregnant and expecting our first child. In May, we found out it was a boy and on 9/21/17, we welcomed little Otto Ryan into our family. He came into this world with a head of dark hair, chubby cheeks, and tons of spirit! We love him to the moon and back. Being a Mom has been my inspiration to creating more “Mommy-centered” posts on the blog.

I moved to the Madison, WI area in January 2016 after Ryan and I got married and we live here now, but still service my Central IL clients, as well. I love being able to capture two different locations of lovely people! More babies, kids, and families to love.

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