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Ellie | Feature Friday

I love capturing this little girl, because it is guaranteed that there will be many expressions and much action. She has a big personality and it’s clear she loves life.

I have known her mom since grade school, and it’s fun to reconnect now through taking pictures for her. One of my goals with the “Feature Friday” posts is to make them more personalized toward the session and the people in them… and one way to do that is to ask them questions. So enjoy a little snippet into their life with Ellie, and the joy she brings to their lives. This from Erin…

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“The most endearing characteristic of Ellie is her fearless attitude she has for everything she does. I love that she is not inhibited by fear or social pressure or even the world around her for that matter!  Which can also be the most challenging! It is hard not limiting her fearless personality but also teaching boundaries at the same time.”

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What is one thing you never want to forget about your child’s personality right now?

“Her love of meeting new people and her tender spirit towards others.”

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“I feel like there is so much I am learning just being around her. I don’t want to pass down my own personal hesitations or limits to her. I struggle with not sheltering her too much or limit her exposure to things but I love seeing her take the lead in situations and see how it molds and shapes her into the person she is becoming. I am so thankful for the energy and spirit she has brought into our home.”

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