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Parker | Feature Friday

I have always loved capturing this girl, and the best way to describe her is “sweet and sassy.” There’s a quiet loveliness to her, but behind her sweet face is also a little spark of sassy-pants! I love it. And it’s fun to see how this contrasts her older sister, Payton. I have known her mom for a long time… we go all the way back to the awkward Jr. High days, singing our hearts out in chorus, working our afternoons at Dairy Queen throughout High School, and catching up over Avanti’s during college.

And now, she has two adorable daughters! Parker is her youngest, and we had fun on her 2-year photo shoot a few weeks ago. Danielle was nice enough to share some insight into her life with Parker, and I just love her thoughts! Enjoy a peek into her personality through her Mom’s words and these images.

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What is the most endearing AND the most challenging characteristic of your child?

Parker is our bossy babe. Yep that’s right, I said it, B-O-S-S. She has what most females lack… decisiveness. Although, she is a unique one, in that she is actually fairly quiet, but as most have found, looks can be deceiving and when she flashes that cute little smile it’s hard to say no to her. She is confident and assertive. Now this can be a bad thing for those that get in her way, but Parker isn’t out to hurt anyone. She just may want that particular toy you have in your hand and will figure out how to trick you into giving it to her. She has a mind of her own and definitely is not persuaded easily. For example, we were jumping up and down in every attempt to get her to smile, but she wasn’t about to let someone else run the show. As an adult, looking back, this is one quality I wish I had growing up. Life is just easier when you’re assertive and forthright. She is going to make for a great leader some day.

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4. What is one thing you never want to forget about your child’s personality right now?

I never want to forget how spunky Parker is.  She is always making me laugh, keeping me on my toes, and I just never know what she’s going to do next.  There is never a dull moment with Parker.

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What are your child’s favorite activities and interests?

Parker loves to read. If she is being more quiet than usual, I’ll just pop my head into her room and there she is cozied up in her pink chair or in her bed with a lap full of books.  The girl loves to do anything and everything her sister does.  That ranges from dance parties to painting to playing with Play-Doh to splashing around in the pool to swinging to a good old wagon ride.  Parker likes to keep busy and enjoys having fun with her big sister.


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What is your favorite thing to do with your child?  

This may sound really silly but my favorite thing to do with Parker is to take her on car rides.  She enjoys just looking out the window, watching the cars, and the quietness just like me.  We usually end up doing a little bit of shopping, which in my second favorite thing to do with her, but I would say we would both agree that car rides are our favorite pastime.

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