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Jean & Harper | Feature Friday

Every time I think about this session, I just smile! At the very end of it, Leah laughed heartily and said, “Oh…. just another day on the farm!!”

We had a BEAUTIFUL summer morning, and we used every ounce of it we could outdoors with two adorable little girls! Also, I have to mention and give props to my amazing husband, who came along with me on this photo shoot and helped evoke hilarity from the “tickle stick,” jumped around behind me, and poked his head around my shoulders. What resulted is two very delighted girls! We joked that my sessions should now come with an “add-on option” which includes Ryan’s presence 😉

Anyway, I always love my photo shoots with Leah and McClane and their darling girls. We always have the best time! Thanks for your love, friendship, and laughs that we share!

Of course, there is no way I could narrow it down because I just had too many favorites. So here are SEVERAL of them for you to enjoy today 🙂

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And to close… Leah snapped this action shot of Ryan & I… I love it!

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