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It had been a few days of experiencing baby’s kicks… I couldn’t believe I was finally feeling it. I was laying down and felt him kick me pretty strongly on the left side of my abdomen, so I grabbed Ryan’s hand and placed it on my belly. I gently pushed it down so baby would react.

A few second later, the baby kicked hard again and I looked over just in time to see Ryan’s face light up with excitement– a mixture of pure joy and surprise– it was the same look he gave me when I told him I was pregnant.

Nothing can prepare your mommy heart for these sweet moments…

A couple weeks later, we were sitting in a dark room with an ultrasound tech, going through the anatomy scan for our little baby. We told her that yes, we want to find out what we are having!

It was so fascinating to see her guide the transducer over my belly and see it produce images of our baby up on the screen… the little heart beating, the curve and intricate design of the spine, the top of the head, the little arms and hands and feet. Baby was curled into a ball with feet above head, a sure sign of a future Olympic gymnast 🙂 and at one point, began sucking his thumb.

We were traveling further and further south until we reached the bladder, and the ultrasound tech said, “We’re getting close. Any last minute guesses?”

From the very beginning, I felt it was a boy. I don’t know if I can say why, but I suppose intuition isn’t always explainable. As a woman and now a mom, you tend to picture your future as a family and the things you will do together… and as I captured these visions in my mind, they always included a rosy-cheeked, dark-haired boy sitting in the car seat as we traveled back to Central IL, and a smiling sweetheart all dressed in blue and throwing a ball to his dad. As it got closer to finding out the gender, more and more people told me they thought or hoped it was a girl… so I started to let my imagination run wild with that idea. Pretty pink bows and frills and lace, and a peach-colored baby room with tutus and kittens… I could easily slip into “girl mom” mode and I knew that would also be a blast.

But I wasn’t surprised when our ultrasound tech announced, “Well, it looks like you have a little boy… there’s a third leg down there!”

And the best part was seeing how excited Ryan was. He couldn’t help his huge smile, and it was the same joy I saw creep across his face that I mentioned in the beginning of this post… unmistakable and uninhibited. As an only boy in his family, he gets to carry on his dad’s Knepp name. And there is just something so special about a father and a son, a bond that is strong and sweet and just now beginning.

I couldn’t have asked for a happier first Mother’s Day… getting to celebrate for the very first time with a kicking little one in my womb and share the news of our son with both of our families. But the ultimate Mother’s Day will come on the day he is born… and both Ryan and I can hardly wait to meet him in person and see his perfect face fresh from Heaven.

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