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Summer Sipping | Winning Wednesday

First– a big thank you to everyone who read my post last week (all the way through!) and/or sent me a lovely message afterwards.

I compiled all of your names and randomly chose a winner. That person was tagged on Facebook and will be receiving a yummy Starbucks beverage– on me! (Well… a gift card for one. I don’t think frappucinnos fare well in the mail).


Second– a reminder that I will use these posts to announce ways to win some fun items… from some of my favorite vendors that I will spotlight on Saturdays… so be sure to tune in on these special days!

And, since I lured you into this post, as promised… my favorite Instagram filters of late, and why:

  1. Clarendon– so easy, it’s your very first filter choice in the app!! I typically pump up the warmth¬†on this one if I’m feeling it’s too blue. Overall though, I love how this makes almost any of my pictures look.
  2. Mayfair– if I want something colorful and dramatic. Often, I back down so it’s not full-strength, and this one can sometimes make skin tones weird, so you have to use wisely.
  3. Sierra– I have found this one does best with skin tones while also offering a nice, soft strength of color and airiness.

My other top-editing tricks:

  1. Up the saturation and warmth just a smidge.
  2. Play with shadows… slide the bar to the right so you can lift out some of the darker areas.
  3. Up the brightness just a tad.
  4. Tilt shift to feature points of interest and obtain blurry edges.

Happy Starbucks-sipping and gramming!!

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