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Laughter is the Best Medicine | Moments Monday

I was struggling to find a good “Moments Monday” image for today’s post because I was thinking too much inside the box. Today’s image broke all of the rules but in all of the right ways.

This Moments Monday image is a bit different than my usual– but, not really.

It’s different because I’m in the picture, and also I did not capture this moment. One of my friend’s husbands did– with an iPhone. But this is what makes this picture so great.


It still catches the essence of what a “Moments Monday” is because it shows a snapshot of an experience. And even though I snapped tons of other pictures with my “nice camera” on this little Saturday getaway in Chicago with my girl friends, in looking at all of them, this is my favorite one. Because it tells the right story… from the leftover Nutella containers in the foreground, to our sugar-induced laughter, to the beautiful city view behind us… it’s friendship in a nut shell.

And that is what I was wanting to share… the picture of friendship. My two lessons from this picture are these:

  1. Adults out there… specifically busy working ladies and moms of kids… take time for “girl time.” Your friendships are important, and so is your mental health. Our female brains need a little bit of talk time with the girls who understand us best from time to time, and while it’s not always convenient, getting away from the office or your kids for the day is just what the doctor ordered. My group of girl friends tries to get together for a “day or weekend away” at least once a year… which doesn’t sound like a frequent amount, but it comes around quickly. And every time we do, afterwards, we say… “That was so fun. Why don’t we do this more often?”
  2. The best moments aren’t always framed up just so with the best camera in sight and with everyone posed perfectly. In fact, the best moments always take place during the outtakes… such as this moment. Savor (and save) those moments and images– they tell the true story of what went on during that family vacation, night out for ice cream, or day on the beach.

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