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Bump Update | Thoughtful Thursday

This weekend, I can officially say that baby boy is due in SIX WEEKS! That is crazy.


I had an appointment today, and was told that after my next one, I’ll start my weekly visits. That makes the end feel SO close. And by “the end,” what I really mean is “the beginning…” The beginning of life with Baby Boy! I can’t wait!

I saw a meme the other day that made me laugh… because if I had to sum up my pregnancy in the most concise way possible, this would be it:



I thought I would devote today’s post to a little “bump update” of my pregnancy, just for fun. It’ll be a Q&A style with some additional thoughts.

{ Bump Update }

Due Date
9/28 (according to the doctor) & 9/24 (according to me) 🙂

Current Week
33 weeks & 4 days


Yes, we have one– and no, we aren’t telling 🙂 It is actually a name that Ryan and I have both liked for a long, long time. We knew we’d use this name even before we knew he was a boy.

Size of Baby
I have an app on my phone (actually, several) that tracks his size. Currently, he is around the size of a honeydew, weighing in anywhere from 4.2-5.8 lbs. with a length of 17-18″.

Baby is gaining weight at the rate of a 1/2 lb. a week right now until birth. Interestingly, he is likely about the length he will be when born… he’s just busy packing on that lovable baby fat!

Um, yes. The doctor tells you to do kick counts from 28 weeks on, but honestly, I didn’t want one more thing to have anxiety over, so my motto has been that as long as I feel him move regularly within his normal pattern each day, I don’t worry about it. There are some days he’s quieter, or I think “I haven’t felt him move in hours…” so I’ll start poking around at him and sure enough, he “wakes up” 🙂

His favorite times to move around are at dinner (tonight I realized that maybe it’s because most days with just me are pretty quiet, but then Ryan comes home and talks to me and he’s responding to daddy’s voice!) and also at night when I’m laying in bed. Days when I’m around more people / voices / activity, he is more active.

It’s to the point where his movements are somewhat painful at times. I just read that now he is big enough where there is more baby than amniotic fluid, and trust me– I’m feeling the effects of a lesser cushion!

Baby’s cute little butt has consistently poked up on my tummy, almost always to the left of my belly button. He then likes to stretch out his legs and poke me with his heels on the clear right side of my body… or up in my ribs. It’s lovely. (That was sarcasm).

He is also very prone to the hiccups, and some days will get them 2-3x. I always feel them down very low. Today, I asked my NP what position she thought the baby was in. She confirmed what I had been hoping for… head down!! Now just stay that way, buddy! 🙂

Mommy’s Weight Gain (so far)
~25 lbs.

I once looked up why women gain so much weight during pregnancy, and found it fascinating the breakout of factors. It actually made me feel a little better. Interestingly, most of it is lost during birth, but holding onto some of the built up fat stores is important for breastfeeding.


At this point, I’m right at the lowest point of the recommended weight gain. However, I still have over a month to go, so I know gaining another 10 lbs. may be VERY easy to do by then… especially with baby’s rapid weight gain!

Overall, I feel good about it, though. Honestly, I haven’t been that careful. I pretty much indulge in whatever I want to, but at the same time, I know I eat less now than I did pre-pregnancy (crazy, right?) My usual “blood sugar issues” and “being hungry every 2 hours dilemma” has seemingly vanished in pregnancy, and has been replaced with feeling fuller and more satisfied very quickly. Part of it may be due to the fact that there is very little room left in my stomach for massive amounts of food, but I also think my suppressed immune system has helped keep these other symptoms at bay. Additionally, I also spent my entire first trimester sicker than a dog, eating very little, and actually lost 5 lbs. during that time… so the deficit going in definitely helped me keep my overall weight gain at a nice place.

Belly Button Status

Definitely OUT. I used to have a very deep “inny” button, but baby’s cute little bum makes sure mine is poked out most of the time!

Food Cravings

A consistent craving (even in the first trimester– one of the only foods I could tolerate!) has been cheese. Especially macaroni and cheese. But really, any form works. One of my first trimester staples was a plain bagel topped with Meunster cheese and toasted, then sprinkled with Lawry’s salt.

I have also loved lemonade, and really anything sweet, but that’s not out of the ordinary for me 😉

My favorite protein choices have been beef and bacon, and just last week I had a HUGE craving for eggs right around the time I was needing more DHA in my diet, so I made up a big batch of egg salad.

Biggest Challenges

At this point, it’s just the achy reality of the third trimester. Literally, everything hurts. Whenever I stand up and walk around after sitting for awhile, I feel as though I may break… between my lower back ache, temperamental sciatic pain, and pelvic floor feeling like it’s going to drop out from underneath me… sounds fun, doesn’t it 🙂 But after awhile, I can usually cope. What I have found works best is not to do any one activity (or be in any one position) for too long… even laying down. The trick is moving around and keeping things flowing, but taking a break and resting when I need it.

I have also had a very persistent (and annoying, and painful) dull ache on the right side of my back ever since my second trimester. I was told by my chiropractor that this is very normal in pregnant women, and often it can be because the baby is sitting in a way that presses on your kidney and causes pain. I notice it the most when I’m sitting for long periods of time and/or in the car traveling. It’s really bad if I’m the one driving, but otherwise, if I just lower my seat back so I’m in more of a laying position, it subsides immediately. It’s totally related to my position.

Other third trimester symptoms that I’ve become acquainted with are frequent Braxton Hicks (they were very intermittent, but have been coming around more often this past week and have been more regularly tied to my activity) and also a bit of swelling in my hands and feet. I was so proud that I had ALMOST gotten through the entire summer without any swelling until about last week, when I noticed my feet becoming very sausage-like in form. I am down to 2-3 pairs of shoes I can fit into, and am thankful it’s summer so flip flops work. I have also been unable to wear my wedding rings for a couple weeks now! And one last thing: I get up about 3-4x each night to pee. I tell myself it’s practice for getting up with my baby 🙂

Otherwise, I am thankful that I haven’t struggled much with anything else… very little to no acid reflux or heartburn, and I do have the occasional “insomnia” night, but most nights (other than getting up to empty my bladder) I sleep pretty well. I haven’t had any return of nausea (praise the Lord!) and MOST days I “feel” pretty good.

Biggest Joys

The best part has been watching (from the outside) baby boy grow, and feeling him move around inside me. It really is such a miracle. I was just looking back on some pictures from March, back when I was feeling crummy but my tummy was still so tiny. Baby boy was inside me then, too, but now it’s just so much more evident. His growth, with every body part forming and developing at the perfect pace and in just the right way, is such a miracle!


It has also been really fun preparing for baby. In some ways, I feel like I have been pregnant forever (like for 8 years instead of 8 months), but suddenly it’s going by so fast and I can’t believe he’ll be here so soon. Most people shy away from change and don’t like things to be different than what they’ve always been, but that’s where I’m a bit strange. I have always LOVED change, and in fact, that’s why I didn’t struggle right at first with getting married and moving away. The more challenging part has been year 2, now that we’ve established a rhythm of normalcy and predicability… I crave change. So looking ahead to having to establish a “new normal” is quite exciting to me, yet I know enough to be aware of the vast “change” before me. A lot of patterns will be disrupted, from my freedom of going out in a moment’s notice, to my habit of getting a certain amount of uninterrupted sleep each night, to traveling quietly and child-free back to Central IL. It’s all going to change. But I know that with that change will come the biggest joy that Ryan and I could imagine.

To be honest, it hasn’t always been easy for me to find “joy” in this journey. There is SO much of it, trust me– but pregnancy can also be a time of selfishness if you only focus on how it’s disrupting your body and your life. And truly, some females just experience the physical “hit” of pregnancy harder than others. Yet we just had our birthing class last weekend, and one thing the L&D nurse taught us about the forthcoming “labor pains” is that in life, MOST pain is seen as “bad,” because if you’re in pain, it’s because something is wrong. But with contractions and labor pain, it has a bigger purpose, and it’s also very normal. And that purpose is to bring your baby into this world. When I apply that to pregnancy, it’s the same concept. It’s not always easy to feel sick and tired or like your body is going to collapse if you walk another step, but the joy of carrying a child inside you is SO worth it.

Other Thoughts

Overall, pregnancy has been a big time of learning for me! I have had to learn that life isn’t about me, and I have a feeling that “lesson” isn’t even close to over yet (it’s only just the beginning).

I have had to learn to open up my palms and give up “control” over things I can’t control. Having a sweet little soul in my womb has given me no shortage of anxiety… is this pregnancy symptom normal? Is my baby OK right now? Is his heart beat healthy and strong? Is he developing at the right pace? Is he healthy? Etc… I have learned that I must hand back to the Creator the burdens of my mind that were never meant for me to bear.

I have had to learn that pregnancy isn’t comfortable. And quite frankly, life isn’t comfortable sometimes, nor should it always be. It’s during the times of having to endure and change and grow that we are stretched to our limits (literally in pregnancy… physically!) It’s this “stretching” that develops our character.

And I am learning what it’s like to be a mother. I am not fully there yet… something tells me that holding baby in my arms for the first time will solidify the overwhelming mixture of joy, tears, fear, terror, and responsibility that this awesome job requires. I am learning that in order to be my best nurturing self, I must make sure my spirit is in the right place, and that I, too, am taken care of. Only time alone with the Father and obtaining peace only He can give will make sure I get there.

Next Steps

My last baby shower is coming up in another week… I’m so excited! From there, I will make any other purchases we need for baby boy and finalize the details of his nursery. (I’ll share a tour when that is complete!)

I’ve been trying to do squats daily (and add 5 extra on each day)… and also do my cat-cow stretches and pelvic tilts to encourage baby to stay head down. I also added on some “wall” push-ups to keep my arms toned… so that I can easily carry around a several-pound bundle in another month 🙂

I also still need to pack my bags 🙂 but I’m hoping I still have plenty of time for that. Ryan and I have enjoyed a few fun trips this year, but other than our travels to Central IL next weekend, we’ll be staying put in Madison until baby boy makes his debut.

6 weeks and counting!


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  • Cindi - Sweet Post Taryn!! Such an exciting time and you sound ready emotionally!! I’m excited for your shower and my only concern for you…(really the baby) is there are so MANY arms itching to hold him in your family?!!! That is where one huge benefit of nursing comes in… remember, no one will really know if he REALLY needs to eat… . I pray for you whenever I pass your cute little house as well as all those that have made that their home! I go passed Farley often!!! Love you ReplyCancel

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