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Ashtonbee: Knee High Socks | Spotlight Saturday

I have been wanting some knee high socks for Otto for awhile now… for two reasons:

  1. Traditional “baby socks” just don’t stay on baby feet very well. Said every parent ever who spent the first half of their child’s life chasing socks around their house.
  2. They’re ADORABLE.

There you have it… so, I was on the hunt for some functional yet cute socks for Otto, and I’m so happy with the ones I received!

I am linking them here– they are the Baby Knee High Cartoon Animal Design by Ashtonbee (<- click to shop). Super affordable and simply adorable.

A few of my favorite things about these socks…

  1. There are 6 different pairs of socks, all a different animal with fun designs and colors. I love variety!
  2. The sizing is nice. They come in “0-1 year” or “3-5 years.” I got the “0-1 year” size for O. I find that traditional socks start out large but wash up small, and these were just right. They were roomy to begin with (think: not cutting into his poor little chubby thighs like other socks I’ve used!) yet THEY DID NOT COME OFF OR CREEP DOWN HIS LEG as the day went on. This is huge!
  3. They’re ADORABLE. (Have I said “adorable” too much in this post?)

I’ll share a shot of all of the socks that you receive when you order them, and I also chose a couple of my favorite pairs to feature in some pictures below. Otto’s faces lately are hysterical and I love how he posed for me. He has clearly got a future in leg & foot modeling, especially if he continues to hold onto those cute baby thighs. Or maybe that stops being cute after the toddler stage?

At any rate, check out the images below! And if you’re in the market for some baby/children’s knee highs (or even if you’re not), I’ve got you covered.



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