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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…

For any Myers-Briggs loving fans out there, I am an ENFP. This should not come as a shock if you know what this stands for. If you don’t, rather than launch into a lengthy post on personality types, I’ll spare you (although I would love it, and stay tuned for a future similar post!!)… but suffice my point to be that ENFP’s aren’t known for their organizational skills or need to adhere to a strict schedule.

But that is exactly what I’m going to try to do with my blog posts… because I actually thrive best within structure… as long as it’s “loose” and has room for creativity!

I have always loved to write, create, and share… so what better platform to do this than my photography website / blog?

However, I would like for it to be somewhat organized and dare I say PREDICTABLE (gasp) to those that read it. Thus, I forced myself to come up with semi-cheesy but catchy titles to each of the 6 categories I’ll post within, all correlating with a day of the week (I skipped Sunday for any of my problem-solving readers who automatically thought, “But there’s 7 days in a week.”)

So consider this the introductory post, which will introduce you to each category/day-of-the-week treasure. However, I’ll reiterate again what each post will be about for the next several weeks, just to get us all used to this idea. And one other note: this does NOT mean I will be posting every single day! It just means I will be posting more often… depending on which categories are shareable that week. While I would love to be posting every day, I must start with small goals before shooting for the stars 🙂

Anyone who has made it this far, BRAVO! Here is what you can start to expect. For anyone who didn’t read this far, no worries… as I said, I’ll be posting these categories and what they stand for again and again.


MondayPIN IT

A Moments Monday will simply be an image that I share from the past archives or present edits that somehow struck me. What’s interesting about this? Well, first of all, who doesn’t love a sweet, funny, candid, or moving image? Second– from time to time, I’ll pool all the clients featured in my “Monday’s Moments” images and pull out a name to win something on a Wednesday… now you have to read on until at least Wednesday!!


TuesdayPIN IT

I am assuming that most people who follow my page are either interested in getting pictures taken, and/or interested in taking pictures yourself. Whether you have kids at home or spend your Saturdays at your grandchildren’s soccer games, I know a lot of you would love a little photography advice. And I’m not just talking to those of you with professional cameras or DSLRs… this goes for anyone with a working camera, even if it’s on an iPhone! I’ll share some of my favorite tips and tricks with you about photography, and also posing, capturing the best pictures, how to dress, etc.



WednesdayPIN IT

This will be everyone’s favorite day… on the Wednesdays that I post! Winning Wednesdays will be an opportunity to win something… whether it’s in relation to another day’s shares, OR a brand new contest / freebie / share-a-thon I have going. Stay tuned to win… anything from a Starbucks gift card to a piece of wall art from your session to a free photo shoot or a cute new frame!


ThursdayPIN ITThoughtful Thursdays are reserved for the times I want to share something more pensive… like launching into a post about my Myers-Briggs personality type 😉 or pondering the meaning of life. Really, though– these days will be designed to help you get to know me a little better, not only as a photographer but as a person.

FridayPIN IT

Feature Fridays will be my most popular post day… only because this day will be reserved for featuring a photo shoot that I have recently photographed! These will stack up during the busy seasons, so I may have to make exceptions and post more often sometimes… but if you have been photographed by me lately, expect your feature to be on a Friday! I’ll personalize these posts as best as I can, and may even reach out to my clients for a few fun facts to make these posts extra special.SaturdayPIN IT

Spotlight Saturdays will be all about vendor love. In a way, these will also give you good ideas for photo shoots… whether it’s a particular place that sells irresistible children’s clothes, a new Etsy shop that I’ve discovered with darling ties for boys, or a great idea for finding fun props.

Are you ready??? I am! Stay tuned for my FIRST category post, which will take place on a…….


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