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What to Expect

My style is casual, light-hearted and fun. I like to capture my subjects just as they are! I usually don’t do a lot of formal posing, but rather capture the many candid emotions and interactions that naturally take place during a photo session.

As for particular types of sessions, here is what you can expect, with a little bit of additional information to help you plan:

Newborn Session

annabelle26PIN ITNewborn sessions are best if we can schedule within 1 week of birth. We will pick a date that is close by your due date, and if you go early or late, I can be flexible with rescheduling. It’s best to catch them when they are just days old so we can achieve that precious “newborn curl” and take advantage of their sleepy state.

These are also my most unpredictable session regarding length of time. They can last anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours. Rest assured that whether we get done quickly or it takes all afternoon– either way is fine by me! Every newborn is different, and there is no magic formula. Here are some pointers to make sure the session goes the best it can go:

  • I will bring everything we need for the session, including various cheese cloths wraps, knit bowls, posing pillow, fabrics, headbands / ties, etc. Feel free to incorporate anything else special you have for baby– a favorite blanket, teddy bear, prop, or hat.
  • Newborn sessions go best when your baby is fed and sleepy. If you can feed right before, that is ideal. Otherwise, feel free to feed during the session if needed.
  • Babies like to be warm. If we are in your home, it is best to ensure we have an extra warm environment for baby, because…
  • To begin, we will strip baby down to diaper and wrap in cheese cloth or place in knit bowls.
  • I like to achieve the “deep sleep” babies get into, because that is when the magic happens! Before taking pictures, we will try to get baby asleep.
  • I can also incorporate family images into the session– mom and dad with baby, siblings with baby.
  • Don’t panic if 2 hours have passed and we have only gotten 1 good pose. This is completely normal, and we WILL get the pictures!
  • The #1 ingredient in a successful newborn shoot is patience. It’s best not to rush it and let the baby lead. Babies are not on our schedule… we are on theirs!



6 Month Session

geier53PIN IT

Oh, this is a FUN age! Baby is most likely sitting and has really started to develop personality. My focus during this stage is to catch the many faces of baby– that goofy grin, the throaty giggle, the big puppy eyes, the dead serious stare and even the occasional drool! They are only this age ONCE, and it goes by so fast. My aim is to help you remember who baby was at this stage.

I usually integrate fun backdrops and other props– a comfy chair or little stool they can sit by or pound on. Feel free to bring any other props you want to include that are special to you and baby. Sweet and simple works for outfit- a favorite shirt with some jeans, or even pants only with a tie for the boys– and a frilly dress or tutu with pearls for a girl– are fun options.

1 Year Session

aiden02PIN IT

This is a session where everyone works hard! Baby is ON THE MOVE and it’s all about keeping up. Whether outdoors or in-home, we will be busy. Baby has most likely developed an aversion to the camera by now– they “know” we want them to smile or look, so unless baby has an affinity for performing, they may have a tendency to do the opposite of what we want! But the many faces and naturally candid poses that are captured during this session are priceless.

Again, my goal is to capture baby’s developing personality and many faces. I focus on both close-ups and action shots at this age. Feel free to incorporate special outfits or props in this photo shoot, or even something for baby to do– read a favorite book, play with blocks or interact with the family pet.




















Family Session

kaufmann014PIN IT

The family session should be FUN! It is a chance to capture your dynamics as a group and how you interact with each other. If you need tips on how to dress to look your best, see my “Tips & Tricks” section for some pointers.

Typically, I will focus on capturing 3-4 solid group shots of your family– a couple of them being more traditional and a couple more fun (i.e. holding hands walking, jumping in the air, laughing with each other, etc).

From there, I also like to capture parents only, siblings only, and then each child individually. I also love the shots of just girls or just guys, and other special combinations. If you have a specific image or goal in mind for the shoot, be sure to let me know beforehand.

Family shoots can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on location, how much we move around, and the nature of the family. Some families like a more fast-paced approach while others enjoy a relaxed feel. There is no right or wrong; I shoot until I have a good variety!

Anything you want to incorporate (a fun couch or chair or other meaningful props) always gives the session some pop. Otherwise, I can work with you as a group in any location– it’s a blank canvas, and we can capture special moments with or without additional props.


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